Why shouldn’t my best buddy film my wedding?

Mam’s idea came outright and with great enthusiasm. “Remember my cousin Makis? He has a friend who has a best man whose best buddy takes great photos with one hand and with the other films some excellent videos at weddings! Of course, he is going to make us the best deal for this! What do you think?” No! “But why so?”. Because I want a real professional with a fresh approach and an eye for detail. He will be able to see stuff that we are not going to notice while we will be having a good time in our wedding. That’s why!

4+1 reasons to choose a professional videographer:

1. New blood is better…
A contemporary videographer has a fresh look on things and better aesthetics on what a wedding film should Include. It was long time ago when you could spend hours watching boring wedding videos with all the relatives smiling happily in front of the camera with Untie Mary was showing off her new reddish hairlook…

2. Storytelling in an art
Nowadays making wedding video is not mere recording but also narrating a story. It needs special talent to express it in the right way. Protagonists are each time different, with their unique characteristics, their strengths and a special character which is clearly captured on video. A rock, pop or vintage wedding, a glamorous wedding dress, a funny detail on the groom’s tie, an emotional snapshot with the best man, a unique Cycladic scenery, are things that worth our attention. If the expert does not turn the camera towards the right spot and at the right time, the game is lost.

3. You do not buy a pig in a poke
All modern wedding cinematographers publish their work at their personal site, on their fb and instagram page, at national and international wedding blogs. There you can check their work, their experience, the places they have travelled in order to cover social events. Also you can see reviews from couples and possible competition awards. When cooperating with the young blood you can always make questions that relate to their technical equipment, and if he/she has the capacity of filming panoramically or using a drone.

4. He is a good listener
Ok, maybe he will not do you all your favors but surely he will seat and listen to your ideas. You can write in a paper the “whys” and the “hows” of your wedding and give them to him together with any surprises you may have prepared. You can visualize together with him the basic places, the important moments you definitely want to include in the video, where to emphasize or what to exclude.

5. A good storyboard is a matter of balance
A good acrobat needs great balance. So does the videographer. He should now how much, where and in which way. The result has to include everything: the preparations, the after-wedding shooting, the party, the ceremony of course, the style shooting of the decoration, the church, the wedding dress. Everything in the right proportion. There should be the right rhythm and movement, frequent changes but also coherence. When you watch it later sitting on your couch comfortably you should neither yawn nor get dizzy from the crazy “videoclip style” change of shots.

“The moment we cry in a movie is not when everything is sad but when everything ends up being better than we expected”.
By Alain de Botton, Swiss philosopher and one of the brightest authors nowadays.

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