Florentia & Gilles

Fri, 30/06/2017

Once upon a time.. Florentia and Gilles.

What I received from Florence (and Gilles) a few hours after I presented them this clip was - " You were next to us.. Daïra (5 years) watched the video and told me with concern - Mom I'm not sad but I want to cry.. Why? " Then at that moment I understood the energy that you can transmit as a human and as a partner in moments that don't last long but repeated by simply pressing.. a play! An energy that is suddenly becoming a friendship and a thrill, with my little lead, to learn about it for the first time.

Come on, watch and press Captions for Greek or French subtitles!

I want to thank Dimitris Kalogeris​ Nikos Exarchos​ for co-Operation - Andreas Hiotis for his transport and - Nikos Kontaratos for the concession of Vespa.

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