Greg & Peny: “We would do it all over again!”

When wedding filming seems like playing a game!

 When someone is born to be an easy rider, things are simple. He wears his wedding suit, his bow-tie, his little earing, a motor helmet and he is ready to embark on his way to the church! What’s more, if the bride folds her wedding dress to avoid tangling it up with the motorcycle pedal, rides a vespa with her dad driving, then we surely have here a very matching couple.

Greg and Peny decided to exchange vows and…full throttles a very warm evening of September 2016 in the seaside settlement of Kalives in Chalkidiki. They put on their playful smile and amidst dancing and car beeping, gave us the most lovable shots with admittedly great ease. According to their testimony: “We were both very relaxed. So relaxed that we could get misunderstood! Dimitris was always by our side. Not for a moment did feel inconvenient or unpleasantly. He is a professional and very good person. Our cooperation was excellent. Perfect craftsmanship and knowledge of his work. From the very first moment we felt convenience and familiarity. It was like we knew each other for a long time. He gave us the right directions and had a great sense of humor.”

These are the great part of our job. When you meet people who feel comfortable to share generously the fun part of this special day. Especially when we succeed in making them feel exceptional! So, it was really satisfactory when we heard them saying that: “We surely had not seen something similar…especially when we watched the trailer, we were speechless! We felt like watching a movie trailer…the music, the shots, the editing, everything was amazing! We felt exceptional! Surprise and full emotion from the very first moment. Everything was captured and perfectly edited!”

Peny and Greg, be sure that we had a great time as well. We laughed, we travelled, we had fun. It was a great time.

May you always be in love and with your motor engines ready to go!

Photo credit, organization and photoshoot by Kostas Kosmidis and Fvision.gr - Wedding and Family Photography 


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