"It was like having our friends filming our wedding!"

Ballet poses and a “dazed” folk dance…

It was a warm afternoon at the beginning of September and the time was exactly 5:25 p.m. This was the scheduled time for departure and the last moment preparations had just been completed. Ioanna, wearing a fairytale wedding dress, was ready to meet just a bit later her beloved one, Sotiris, at the steps of the church. Feelings were intense right from the very morning and a “pleasant” anxiety had slipped in quietly in everybody’s heart.

Together with our dimH team, we are standing at the right spot and with our camera covering the appropriate angles. With our discrete and observant look, we record the best moments of this wedding: facial expressions, imperceptible moves, the emotion, the party, the funny parts.

Camera loves beautiful smiles and spontaneous people. Our role is to make the protagonists live this precious day in a way they will remember forever and mainly without stress. Did we make it? We believe so. “Dimitris Chaidis and his team (dimH) helped us relax and enjoy the day. In other words, the filming process from dimH was a great experience. Their presence was so discrete and their approach so friendly. Right from the first moment we felt comfortably, and especially Sotiris who is not used being filmed. It was like having our friends filming our wedding!”, says the couple.

Later, it was time for the surprises. The couple had some exciting ideas and we tried to help them make it real in the best possible way. “We had some shots in a balletic style with guests who had some knowledge while others did not have a clue, so the result was great and so funny! Also, we danced “chasapiko”, a Greek folk dance, together with our best man and maid of honor. The groom really impressed us all whereas he usually does not dance, but we were all a bit funny as time had already passed and we were a bit drunk. It was then that we lost track of the steps and our synchronization. We remember it now and we laugh!”, says Ioanna.

Our “ingredients” as wedding cinematographers are very specific: necessary exchange of information from the beginning, good “chemistry” with the couple, understanding of their special preferences. Ultimately what really matters is the result and the feedback we are getting is what will reward us for our effort. Therefore is very important for us when we get such a positive energy from a couple. “The cooperation with Dimitris was perfect. From our very first meeting he was friendly and pleasant. He understood our preferences for our wedding day. His work is very organized and serious. The result was perfect, much better than we expected! And I have to note that we were not the easiest couple to shoot. Especially our videoclip was awesome because it expresses the feeling and the excitement of the moments! We want to thank the whole team! Surely we will cooperate with him again at the earliest opportunity…”
Ioanna & Sotiris

The photo of Sotiris & Ioanna is by Aggeliki Kritikidou.

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