The map of 2018 folds and gives way to the new year that is getting closer…

Every year that passes, the pins with the destinations weddings on the map become more and more. We leave our footprint to ever-growing places in Greece, we keep meeting extraordinary people and having great time while we record unique moments at weddings and christenings in Greece and abroad.

 Gleaning some of the best times of this year’s travelogue at Greek islands, continental Greece, mountainous cosmopolitan resorts and exotic landscapes of the Mediterranean, we present five of the top images we want to remember and share with everyone we love. 

 1. Can the belly of an…ox become so attractive? Yes, when it comes to the well-known and of rare beauty beach of Voidokoilia (in Greek “voido” means “ox” and “koilia” means “belly”), north of the town of Pylos and close to Kalamata city, where we went at the end of August for the wedding of Fotini and Ted. Where Homeric tradition meets Greek mythology, where a rare ecosystem meets an exotic version of Mediterranean beauty, we met this beloved couple of Greek-Americans for an outstanding walk, with white sand and waves tickling our feet…

2. It is the goldmine of Greece, its roots keep us united. It is the olive tree, a symbol of peace, fertility, calmness, a gift from God. Endless olive groves, shadowy spots with crystal clear running waters, uncultivated meadows, a hand that opens to hug another, are some of the main snapshots in the video we recorded during Evripides and Mara’ s wedding at Lakonia (Sparta) at the end of July.  

3. Athens-Berlin and back…With a map in our hands and the stars to show us the way, we began a big walk from Athens at the beginning of July to end up at Berlin at the beginning of Autumn in order to record the romantic story of Anna and Jens in a tender, funny and full video that resembles cinema…

4. Let’s go a bit back in time and even before the warm days of summer began, when we travelled at the slopes of Parnassos mountain at Arahova village during the best time of the year. Spring time colors were the wonderful scenery for the wedding of Georgia and Dimosthenis, who together with their little son, gave us adventurous times which we cherish and remember with great love.

5. The sea breeze, the aroma of jasmine and the dazzling red color of bougainvillea mingle in a puzzle of a battle-hardened history, tradition and classic architecture style that lead us to the beloved town of Nafplio and the wedding of Katerina and Thanasis at the end of the summer, which was the best closure for this season. 

These few but good moments and many more that cannot be exposed in some written lines, are everything that defined us during 2018 and will accompany us until the end of the year, giving us hope and strength for next year’s new adventures and exciting trips.

Photo credit: Chris Gouberis

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