One, two…three distinctions in a battle of pictures and emotions

It was another difficult contest. The competition was harsh with experienced players. For yet another year I had to stand among internationally acknowledged creators, who have conquered the market and have been renowned as masters of the art for some years now.

WEVA Balkan Awards, where WEVA stands for the World Events Videographers Association with 4.177 members, are awarded each year to the best videographers, who submit their work in an annual contest of craftsmanship and cinematic virtuosity. Professionals from all over the Balkans, took part in an annual battle in three main categories – Best Videographer, Best Video Editor, Best Cameraman – and in a few more smaller and more specialized event videography sectors.

The game was set as always with strict rules and a few requirements.  The judges took position and pressed “play”.  Their work turned out to be hard as all these enchanting pictures “flooded” their screen, imagination unfolded with the most creative way with couples taking the first role. The participants were many, 113 to be precise, the standards were high and the choice difficult enough.   

Among these high quality films, with elaborate and original screenplays with cinematic style editing, my work managed to stand out.

“The ability to create emotion”, “video with notable style’’, “creative solutions”…were some of the reviews on my work that paved the way to the 1st place in the category “Best Wedding Highlights” and in the 5th position in the categories “Best Colorist” and “Best Engagement”.

To have a full picture of the awards and the winners, visit the page:

I want to thank wholeheartedly all the people who reviewed my work so positively and rewarded it with their vote. Also a big bravo to all the participants and all my peers from the great Balkan neighborhood of Balkans and Greece. We will meet again next year with even greater success!