Say “I love you” with a video

Make a surprise with a video-present for St. Valentine’s day 

This is St. Valentine’s Day, and you have every excuse for cuddles, chocolate candies, teddy bears, little hearts on paper, and everything that comes in red or pink. Girls usually do not say “no” to these “surprises” that are not so unexpected after all. Actually, if these are accompanied by flowers, a romantic dinner or even this amazing dress you had seen at a shop window some days ago, then everything could take a different turn…

This year though, things get much more interesting…Luckily someone out there had an original idea. Something that besides red color or chocolate flavor, is characterized by romance and imagination. What could that be; 

Scenario 1

It’s Valentine’s day and everything seems quite normal, with a quiet evening ahead, along with your beloved one. When the doorbell rings, you open with a big smile and behind this enormous red rose bouquet, you see a video camera! Your guy has brought it with him in order to shoot some of the funny moments you will spend together this evening. The question mark all over your face turns into surprise and finally the whole procedure turns to be more fun than you had expected. It is quite an experience that you wish you could live next year. Bless you, St. Valentine!

Scenario 2

A red envelope just came by post on St. Valentine’s Day. Who sends postcards anymore? To your great surprise it contains two air tickets to Rome! A romantic weekend to the “eternal city” is probably the best present someone could give to you right now. And there is more. A new video camera appears out of the blue just before you pack your suitcase. The idea is to capture all the great walks through the cobbled roads and historic monuments of Rome as well all the laughs you will make with your crappy Italic. Viva Roma!

Scenario 3

This year he is moving into a different direction. He prepares a unique present, very personal, and rather handmade one, that demands time, effort and imagination. He decides to buy these pair of earrings that you craved for, whereas he despises shopping. He wears an apron and talks on the telephone to his mother all day striving to make this soufflé he saw on this trendy blog with gourmet recipes. He buys candles whereas he has a phobia with fire.  To make matters worse, he puts a friend to shoot with a camera every moment of his effort. Not trying to prove anything afterwards but to make one more unexpected present to you the next day. A video with all his blunders, his rush, efforts and rather good choices that brought an unexpectedly positive result! A “bravo” is the least we can say to him!  


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