Unusual marriages we would have loved to film

In Greece we are a bit old fashioned. We want to marry by a priest and with a best man aside, wearing a wedding dress and a costume, and of course always inside a church. Traditions on one hand, and surely religion on the other, dictate seriousness and sacredness to the mystery of marriage, which is undoubtedly right from our point of view. In abroad though, things are more relaxed and sometimes completely unusual. Without binding to any rules and symbolisms of marriage ceremony, with every kind of hobby and craziness getting into the picture, some nutcases thrive with originality and leave us amazed.

On a bike!
Alternative solution, saving money and craziness: this is what a couple from Russia had in mind when they decided to get married on the way…Unusually and with ecological sensitivity, the couple rode its bikes and exchanged vows on the way, with all the guests following closely, cycling constantly on their own bikes.

Married by a bear
Russians seem to have craziness in their blood. This couple seems to have also great courage as well as they chose to be married by a real bear and not a priest! Among flower bouquets and candles, the bride and groom held bear’s hand, hugged and kissed her, getting across shocking waves to their guests. Stepan, the bear, is domesticated and it’s not the first time it makes headlines. The owners claim that they had taken her by a group of hunters 23 years ago and since then she has lived with them like their own child. The reactions of course were fierce, with ecologists blaming the owners for unacceptable conditions of captivity, especially for an animal like this that should live free in the wilderness.

Without a wedding dress but also without underwear!
Eli and Fil from Australia decided that clothes are unnecessary. They also questioned why to make extra expenses. With these in mind, they wore as little as possible and married on live radio transmission. Besides the bridal bouquet that does not hide that much, Eli wore a long white gown, while the groom managed to leave something to our imagination covering his genitals with a long black hat.

Hugging with the sharks!
Just a few meters away from the shark’s jaws came a coupe from New York, who decided to practice their favorite hobby even during their marriage ceremony. Instead of a wedding dress and a groom’s costume, April and Michael, wore the scuba diving suits, their masks and diving tanks and sank inside an aquarium protected behind the bars of a large cage. Their guests -sharks, eels and groupers - might have had strange appetite, but the couple was not deterred. They said “yes” through a radio transmitter, giving away the cheerful message to friends and relatives.

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