On the way to WEVA AWARDS

This year many things came as a surprise for me. My family life changed, my professional profile freshened up, let’s say I did some “rebranding” to myself as a videographer and as a person. Along with this “restart” came a very important recognition of my work but this time not from a customer. It came from WEVA and specifically from their organizational team who made me the proposal to become the jury in two different Awards: the WEVA Gr Award and the WEVA Balkan Award. This means that together with other eleven in the first case and other nine people in the latter, I will take the responsibility to judge the work of my peers and to award only one as the Best Videographer. The lucky one will assume the annual highest title for a videographer who is also a cameraman, a video editor and a designer, all in one. I could not be more happy and proud. Up to this day, I have known this prestigious contest as a contestant. It is now time to join WEVA AWARDS as a jury member! From 16 December until 19 January – the period of judging – we will not have an easy job. Internationally, the level of professional wedding videography has blossomed out and videographers have evolved into let’s say mini-cinematographers who function like a one-man-orchestra with multi-tasking roles. It will take considerable thought, thorough study and an eye for the detail to pick only one on 2nd of February, the day of the announcement of the winners.   

I want to express my gratitude to WEVA.PRO - Worldwide Event Videographers' Association for picking me for this role and I hope to do justice to all the contestants.

You can see more on the submission procedure, the technical details, the various categories, the judge’s profile, etc. on

https://weva.pro/en/balcanaward-2019 and https://weva.pro/en/graward-2019


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