Wedding Covid-19 Report

The pandemic of covid-19 has affected our work as wedding videographers and has put a halt on our projects since 2020. Positive news coming from the ongoing vaccination programme worlwide has brought some light on our future plans. Official updates speak for an upcoming loosening of protection measures at all fields, including the wedding industry. Around 15th of March, a new announcement from the Ministry of Development in Greece is beeing expected concerning the exact protection measures at wedding ceremonies and receptions. According to information from catering business and wedding planners, in May there will still be a limit on guests, use of masks for the personnel, distances among tables, etc. but in June, everything will be more liberated. According to the same sources, Saturdays in the upcoming months are hotter than ever and it is nearly impossible to find a venue free to host a wedding reception or party.

I want to ensure every dear couple that plans to get married and use my services as a wedding videographer that I will take – as I alredy have done up to now from the beginning of the pandemic last year –  all the necessary measures to ensure their health protection and safety. Social distancing, the use of mask and hands hygiene, is among my first and necesarry priorities. The use of digital communication with couples has never before become so handy and I am more than happy to host a videocall or chat on messenger with you in order to plan everything as we would have done in person. Furthmore and as far as the wedding ceremony is concerned, there is always the option for a live streaming process for your guests who will not be able to attend your wedding due to travel prohibitions or other reasons.

I really hope you will stay positive, plan your wedding with enthusiasm and imagination, get inspired from all the wonderful locations and venues spread around our mainland and islands’ complex and stay safe and healthy.

Be responsible, stay safe.

D. Haidis.


Thumbnail photo by Chris Gouberis