Wedding drone photos: enchanting the German public

Yes, now it is true. There is a different way to present couples who are getting married. We are all acquainted with the classic “instantanés” when we browse a wedding photo album. A walk on the beach, a stroll in the woods, flowers, smiles, hugs and kisses with a romantic sunset at the background. These unspoiled, all-time classic wedding photos surely radiate a sense of security, classical style and intimacy.

Nevertheless, this should not be always the only way to do things. The idea behind the drone stills you will enjoy in a moment, is to infect wedding stories with adventure, magic and…coolness and to take wedding cinematography at a whole new level! Thus, wedding dresses and grooms’ costumes are taken out of the closet and the ironing board, are being put on couples while they dive in the blue sea, walk on the coastline or even bicycle on the sandy beaches of Greek islands. The result is some really amazing drone videos and video stills that bring out the beauty of Greek landscape, of the famous islands and beaches and the sky-blue color of the Aegean Sea.

Taking couples on video with a drone camera is an irresistible proposal that attracted the media interest in Germany, with a feature article on the e-magazine, ze.tt (affiliate collaborator of Zeit newspaper).

We are very grateful to German journalists who chose to present our work. 

You can read the feature article at https://ze.tt/love-is-in-the-air-diese-fotos-zeigen-liebe-aus-der-luft/.


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