What I learned as a wedding cinematographer

The year 2017 passed with beautiful memories and many surprises. Just two months since the change of the year and while we are awaiting the forthcoming season, it’s high time for some review and retrospect. Three years have been like an amazing story made of unforgettable moments with the most warm, wonderful people that I could have ever met.

These are some of the things I have learned all these years...

1. At the beginning of every wedding story and before the ice breaks, the communication with the couple is somewhat typical and predefined. As the time passes though, and as we discuss what they want and have imagined, the first smiles show up and the mood becomes friendly. In the course of time and until the end of the wedding day, people may have shared with you their most personal secrets!

2. People matter most. A wedding depends a lot on the guests, their mood and their reaction to the whole event. A well-organized wedding party at a very nice spot can just make things better but it is not enough to “save” the day.

3. There are moments that you cannot forget and always become part of a wedding video. For example, when the dad accompanies the bride to the church or the first kiss of the couple after the ceremony.

4. Working parallel with a photographer who shares the same style and aesthetics with you makes things a lot easier.

5. The braces in the trouser are necessary accessories for me. Oh, and the bow-tie of course! Without any explanation…

6. Sometimes the weather can ruin the day but it is not a big deal. “Singing in the rain” and “keep walking” are our mottos.

7. The part of editing after the end of a wedding day or christening may be the hardest one. It can take days and nights, but this is where you can see the final result of our work. There is no doubt that if you have in your hands a very good material of original shots, then your life becomes easier.

8. If you ask me which part of Greece I would prefer for the wedding of my dreams, you would make it very difficult for me. Can I say ten?

9. Good light is the videographer’s best friend. Luckily, we live in a country with plenty of light, wonderful sky and sun, that make everything shine and bright.

10. Every time is like the first one. There will be always a surprise lurking around every corner and there will be a couple that will make you laugh your heart out.

11. There is always an interesting “how we met” story behind every couple. Let them narrate it to you.

12. At the beginning of every filming there is always a kind of hesitation and timidity from the couple’s side. A little bit of director’s ability and things will loosen up in a while… remember, a bit of alcohol can be very helpful…

13. I feel blessed that I have the chance to combine in my job things that I love the most: travelling, filming and yes, why not? Weddings as well!

14. Stress + responsibility + tiredness = wedding cinematography. With the right preparation and good organization, then a word from the above equation may be omitted.

Photo credit: Michael Pappas

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