Is the person I’m going to marry truly the person for me?

You will know it after you spend some holidays together, meet his/her mum, have a child together and learn how to talk with your eyes…so, no, I cannot really know that…

Who picks the music?

I prefer that you trust me completely on this field. I pick the music after thorough research on the style of the wedding and the character of the couple.

You are more expensive relative to most videographers. Why?

I strive to deliver each time a masterpiece of work. A great deal of shots on spot, long editing hours, focus on sound design, investment on equipment. These are some of the reasons I rate my work highly and do not see it just as “oh, let’s make another video”.

How long before the wedding do we have to book you?

At the earliest possible time. It does not to have to be three years ahead but also not one week before the ceremony!

What kind of weddings do you shoot?

All kinds. Of any belief system, of any type of commitment (for example vows’ exchange), of any style, and I quote: classic, modern, official-traditional, relaxed, small or large, romantic, alternative, vintage, whimsical, rustic, casual, bohemian…

How would you describe your style?

Alternative, user-friendly, warm, low profile, cordial and easy going.

Do you travel everywhere to film a wedding?

Well, mainly you will find me in my favorite hot spots – Santorini, Kythnos, Kea, Folegandros, Spetses, Arahova, Attica region, Athens, Thessaloniki, but I am willing to travel everywhere if there is a good reason to film!