Aidipsos, Evoia

1 + 1 = 3

The baptism of Marios- Ioannis

On route to northern Evoia by ferry, the sea breeze below the Greek flag, the golden colored waves on Evoikos Bay and the first images from the lace-like coastline, confirm once again the beauty of our landscape, that brings inspiration and makes us so lucky that we are going to spend the next few days with happy people and among children’s smiles. 

The first steps on the pebbles, the discoveries on the beach, the never-ending hugs with the parents and the sweet tears during baptism, marked the amazing weekend that followed at Aidipsos in Evia. Protagonist was Marios-Ioannis, the little boy of Angie and Dimitris, who was baptized at the church of Agioi Anargiroi at Loutra Aidipsou. Among the three godfathers, we really wonder, who managed to hold first little Marios-Ioannis at his hands and to put on him the holy cross…

Under the cool shadow οf the tall pine trees on the churchyard, friends and relatives enjoyed some delicious sweets and after a while, they celebrated all together the beautiful day at the restaurant “Faros” over the port of Aidipsos.

At such a picturesque place by the sea, we could not miss a nice big stroll at the pebble beach of Ilia with little Marios-Ioannis examining and discovering the beauty surrounding him, making small but brave steps towards the coast and smiling playfully to the camera.

One plus one makes us three this time! We wish this enjoyable family of three to live always happy moments like the ones we shared together in Aidipsos.

Marios-Ioannis, may you live happily forever!