Kea Island, Cyclades


"Your happiness won't be complete unless you're sharing it with the ones you love"

 Kea belongs to the Cyclades complex of islands in the Aegean Sea. An island full of flowers, joy and songs! The decoration was ethereal, colourful and unique, like the people who had set it up. We turn our clocks some months back, when Alexandros and Adrianna became one, in front of their friends and family to remind us that happiness is complete when you share it with those you love! These are two people who create a love story with blue colours and they put inside a heart that will share for years!

Special thanks to the team of photographers from Emotional Frames and the lovely ladies from Marriage in Style for the excellent collaboration!


 "Adrianna & Alexandros walked down the aisle a summer afternoon at Tzia, few months before they welcome their first child. Their summer wedding was no doubt a big and endless party for them and for their guests as well. All these amazing moments thankfully were captured by Dimitris Haidis and the video below is here to prove it to you. And for you to realize how great this video is, we are just telling you that it was selected to be in the top 10 of the international competition of Worldwide Event Videographers Association (WEVA), taking the 6th place. So you really don’t have any excuse not to press ‘play’, do you?"

By WeddingTales.gr