UP UP and away!

Αθήνα, Αττική

A gift from God led us a warm afternoon in June at the centre of Athens, at a place surrounded by the main city roads but looks like countryside. Next to Athens Conservatory, at Rigilis area, stands the wonderful little white chapel of Aghios Nikolaos, in the middle of a green garden. This is where we met that afternoon for the baptism of our little protagonist, Theodora (“the gift from God” in English).

The parents, Konstantinos and Dimitra, together with many friends and relatives, “embraced” with their look the beautiful princess, who wore her wonderful baptism dress and made all of us to smile with her sweet voice and whimsicality.

Fresh lemonade to ease our thirst and a stylish bench with sweets, awaited us in the garden surrounding the church, while Theodora, ready to fly with her balloons, cheered “Up up and away!”

Theodora, wishing you all the best on this happy day!