Billy & Klairi

Kythnos Island, Cyclades

Billy & Klairi | Wanna be my penguin?

I could “drink” this wedding like a cool summer cocktail. It was a wedding that smelled like summer, wore Panama hat, was covered with coconut oil, dived into the blue waters of Kythnos and winked to fate. Was it a random meeting? Not really…Billy and Klairi, my stars in this film, met in a party – where neither wanted to go at first – seven years before their marriage, while as they realized later they already knew each other from their childhood years. The proof was a common picture of them from a scouts’ parade when they were 5 years old!

Shortly before our trip to Kythnos, Billy had narrated to Klairi the story of the penguins, who choose their mate and stay together forever, while he proposed to her at a moment of romance and tenderness. From then on, my beloved Mediterranean “penguins” started to design their wedding based on a theme, with earthy colors in each detail, natural materials to match with Kythnos’ landscape and excellent wedding professionals, like FVision behind the photographic project and Klaidra with her wonderful wedding favors.

The weekend I spent with these guys and their friends was a blast and I will remember it forever! It was a never ending party with loads of pictures, excellent natural light, fun, vividness, strong emotions and many dives at the sea! I feel really blessed to have lived these moments and I want to thank FVision for its cooperation and the time we spent together.

Billy and Klairi, I want to thank you and I wish your wonderful penguin logo to guide you for the rest of your life. May you be always in love like two penguins! #BillyKlairi1717 #bemypenguin

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