Billy & Klairi

Kythnos Island, Cyclades

 At Serifos and Kythnos…like two penguins in love!

The weekend I spent with Vassilis and Klairi and all their friends was amazing! It was the party that none of the two wanted to join 7 years ago! Was it a matter of luck or pure fate; Now the party would be thrown again, with a perfect number accompanying them: 1.07.2017. A date, a shared path, a life and a common child’s photo that existed in the drawer without neither of them knowing it. But now all is shared and they know it!

When I met these guys I felt that I had many temptations ahead! What’s more when you have to deal with Klaidra team! I took pictures, I captured sounds and emotions and I joined them harmoniously enjoying the earthly colors, the light, the waters of the island of Kythnos! I feel blessed for what I do! Vassilis and Klairi, thank you and I wish you will always have your beautiful logo as a guide to your life. May you always be two penguins in love for the rest of your life!

# BillyKlairi1717 #bemypenguin

Thanks to the FVision photography team for the collaboration and the time we spent together those days.