Carried away by love

Santorini Island, Cyclades

When this couple told me that they want to marry at Santorini, I smiled from ear to ear. When they told me that they chose to have an intimate wedding, I was really over the moon! Santorini is one of my favorite destinations, with its extraordinary scenery and mysterious aura. What’s more, intimate weddings – with limited guest list and without all the bells and whistles of a large reception – really give me the chance to focus more on the couple during the ceremony, to spend more time with them before and after the wedding and to capture in more depth the feeling of each moment. 

Corey and Jordan, this charming couple flew all the way from USA along with few but most loved ones to tie the knot, metaphorically and literally – they performed the ritual of “knotting”, a 19th century sailors’ tradition – at one of the most dramatic landscapes of the Mediterrenean Sea. 

The symbolic ceremony among the whitewashed belvederes of Santa Irene location radiated romance, emotion and friendly vibes. The couple exchanged vows, tied a green and white rope and listened to some really moving speeches from their guests. We all shared how their intimate moments as a couple has brought them closer – making sourdough bread together during the pandemic was one of them ! – and what is the story behind the art of “knotting”. 

The venue of their wedding had everything a couple would ask for, but drinking champagne and relaxing by the pool was not enough for this active young couple. While time is never enough for exploring Santorini’s beauties, they managed to spend every moment they had at their disposal in the best way. They embarked for some adventure walking towards the rocky headland of Skaros that really protrudes out to the azure blue Aegean Sea. They strolled along Vlychada, a lengthy beach with dark volcanic sand, standing out for its lunar landscape and overwhelming carved cliffs that resemble a sculptor’s work. Lastly, they visited Pyrgos village, the best-preserved medieval settlement of Santorini, built in the heart of the pre-volcanic hinterland and at the foot of Mt Profitis Ilias. 

All these precious moments were not drifted in the wind of Santorini. I was there to unfold my best knowledge and expertise in order to film Corey and Jordan’s intimate moments along with family and friends, who made a small but adorable group of people, each one playing an important role in the couple’s life. Some words from the wedding’s speeches describe better the whole atmosphere...


“All of us here have our own love stories. Some are yet unwritten, while others are just getting to the good part. Corey and Jordan, we’re here to support you, hope for you, and to remind you that love isn’t happily ever after- love is the experience of writing your story. It’s not one moment- not even this moment. It’s every moment.”


Thumbnail photo by Chris Gouberis, @chrisgouberis