Charlotte & Robert

Athens, Attica

Under the blue sky, It’s just you and I

We are amidst Greek summer and the sky of Attica is at its best yet another time. The sun emerges behind the mountain of Imitos, revealing the small details of my beloved city that is getting ready to host a different wedding. A catholic wedding between Charlotte from Great Britain and Robert from Ireland, whom I had the chance to meet and take on their filming in Athens, the city they chose to exchange their own wedding vows. A choice not made by chance as Charlotte had lived here for some years with her family and also the couple had spent some of their holidays together in Greece, feeling tenderly for our country and its people.

From the so called “Athenian Riviera” at Vouliagmeni up to the stairs of the church at Panepistimiou Street and the impressive entrance at Ktima 48 at Anavissos, this wedding had everything I could expect: luxury and elegance, imagination and style, tradition together with trendy details, excellent organization but also spontaneous moments.

It is rather rare for me to film a catholic wedding and actually in the Cathedral of Saint Dionysious the Aeropagite. This bright day all our eyes turned to this imposing building of King Otto’s times in 1865, a three-aisle basilica in the neo-Renaissance style. Following the catholic tradition, the brides maids dressed in pink entered the church through the side doors while Ave Maria was chanted, making the way for the entrance of the bride, who accompanied by her father, was handed to the groom next to the altar and the priest. A number of prayers followed, together with hymns, readings, exchange of vows, handshakes and the Holy Communion.

The severity of the whole ceremony started to evaporate little by little as the couple and the guests reached the gorgeous seaside ktima 48 at Anavissos, the smiles and the teasing made their way into the picture, music took the first role, and the fireworks surprised all of us. This day passed smoothly giving way to the night’s party until the first morning hours, when we finally went to bed, exhausted but also satisfied with the great moments we managed to film at this great video you can enjoy here.

Charlotte και Robbie, may you live happily ever after!

Thumbnail photo by Thanos Asfis


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