The Green Kiss

Sparta, Lakonia

Peloponnese and especially Sparta, with olive tree as its landmark, could not but offer lavishly its gifts and spare the most beautiful scenery for a summer wedding.

As the film rolls and shots come one after the other, the silver and green glow of the olive trees spreads around and lights the faces of the two protagonists of the day. Evripides and Mara, like two children in a theme park with earthy colors, run, play and have fun, reminding us the innocent and carefree times, when man lived inside and around nature.

Vast olive groves – the characteristic silent power of this area – shadowy little spots with running waters, uncultivated fields, and a hand that opens to hug another one…a story that unraveled and brought us to the church, the wedding and a bit later to the party, where the lyrics of “I wanna hold your hand”, described with the best way the happiness and love shared by friends and relatives of the couple.

From the castles of Mystras, the stone-built houses of Mani, the rock that flirts with the sea, our wishes hiss and travel through the ruins and the rocky mountain tops of beloved old Greece. Evripides and Mara, may you live happily ever after!