Folegandros Island, Cyclades

A lifetime love


Once you visit this island, you fall in love with it for ever.

That is the case with a couple from Vietnam, who decided to return a year after their first holidays there, crossing thousand s of km, in order to exchange wedding vows on this welcoming as well as “stone island”, the Phoenician word that according to one version describes completely the island of Folegandros in the Cyclades complex of the Aegean Sea in Greece.

The wild and eerie natural beauty of this bare land, in combination with its crystal waters, the picturesque capital city-Chora, the medieval settlement of the Castle and the church of Pantanassa on top of the rock, enchanted Sue and Alex, who travelled all the way to this destination for this most important day of their life. The day when they exchanged wedding vows next to their friends and relatives, who stood by their side.

Following them with our camera, we captured the moments during their side by side walk to the rocky coastline, the sandy beaches, the cobbled streets of Chora and across the hidden paths of the countryside. The highlight of their trip was naturally the ceremony of the exchange of vows that moved us, made us laugh, and brought inspiration in a story which unravelled in pictures.  

The experience was unique and our communication with Alex and Sue was exceptional. The words that they wrote us in a letter posted after their trip, are characteristic: «Thank you for the great communication and cooperation through the last months, that made everything easier for us. We hope we were good enough “actors” in the video you made for us. We cannot wait to watch it! Also, we want to thank you for all the understanding and the efforts to overcome the problems that came up with the ships’ strikes.”

Sue and Alex, we hope you will always be happy, we want to thank you for the trust and patience, and also for the good spirits that made this trip a fun adventure for us.