Nature's Love

Alexandroupoli, Evros

We lived our myth in one of the most beautiful places in Greece

It struck me from the very beginning. This would be a wedding with many surprises and unprecedented images for me and my team. When I picked up the phone and spoke with Christos and Vasiliki about their wedding video, I understood that this trip to their personal love path would be different. Our destination was Alexandroupoli, the easternmost city of Greece or well known as the “lighthouse of the North”. December was already here and when your compass indicates “Thrace region”, you have to be prepared. We packed our scarfs, gloves and warm coats and flew to the beautiful seaside city.   

The “presents” of Dede-Agats, as Alexandroupoli was named in the 19th century, are priceless. The imposing lighthouse dominates the dock while our eyes gaze towards the Thracian Sea and Samothraki island. We snatched some moments to discover the hidden secrets of the area with our camera and drone. We made strolls by the sea and walks by the shores of a stream at Loutro area, we met warm friendly people and we tasted delicious dishes and of course traditional syrup soaked sweets. The big revelation came just a few kilometers out of town, in Evros Delta. Nature’s miracle with surprises given lavishly to the visitor. Our contact with the harmony of the landscape made us stronger than ever. The rain that followed did not discourage us and the traditional fiesta of the wedding afterward kept us warm for our return trip.

The video of Christos and Vasiliki made us fall in love again with nature, its creatures, the sky’s color palette, the raging waves of the Thracian Sea and Evros’ melancholy.

This winter wedding video turned out to be the best Christmas present for 2017. We want to share it with you and to take a small taste of everything we lived there. Just click on the play button.

We want to thank all our colleagues and especially Kostas Kosmidis ( - Destination Wedding Photography) who took the wedding’s photographs.