to the stars and back

Athens, Greece // Berlin, Germany

This time it was the stars that showed me the way. They lightened my route from Athens to Berlin during the great many hours of filming I dedicated to this wonderful wedding of Anna from Greece and Jens from Germany. To be more accurate, I really did not realize how these 30 hours of recording with the camera had passed, while filming the great moments of this wedding in 5 different spots in Greece and abroad. According to the invitations (a beautiful creation of Elena Baka), where time and location of the wedding were noted on an astrological map, the history began in full summer mood at early July at Saint Ioannis Prodromos chapel at Artemida. This white chapel is situated on the higher end of the hill, giving a great view towards all directions as well as a feeling of endlessness. Anna, with her chic bridal dress made by the Greek fashion house with the mythical name “Nidodileda” and Jens with a classic Armani costume, made a perfect match and lived these emotional moments, surrounded by friends and relatives, some of whom had to travel many km to attend the ceremony. You see, some years ago Jens had to leave behind him rainy Berlin city to work in Greece, and as only the stars could define, ultimately met the woman of his life while searching for an apartment in Athens! Keeping the balances is always very useful. That is why I decided to balance the dazzling light of the Greek summer with a big walk with the couple in a city where via its monuments and land planning, emerges history from different eras: Berlin. I unpacked my bathing suit and sunscreen, I kept as a memory the crystal clear Aegean waters and the long walks in Plaka (old neighborhood of Athens) and I defined a new route through the parks and multicultural neighborhoods, the outdoor graffiti and little football fields in Berlin. The “recipe” was successful. If you add 5 locations, stir it with 30 hours of filming and rinse it with 84 more or less hours of editing, then you have a yummy result…a juicy, enjoyable video-memorabilia with Anna and Jens, who finally did not need a map to find love! Anna and Jens, may you live happily ever after!