Emmelia, the name of a sweet treasure



The day of Emmelia’s baptism, a sweet girl with blue eyes, who meant to take the name of an unknown but chosen Saint, rolled pleasantly at the stony yard of a small church at Mesoghia region among olive groves and pine trees. “En” and “melos” meaning “harmony” and “with normal rhythm” are the components of the name of Saint Emmelia, who celebrates her nameday on 30th of May and 1st of January and who went down in history as the mother with a very large family – she gave birth to 10 children – many of which became Saints themselves. Close to Attiki odos and Lavriou avenue but with the charm of old Mesoghia region, stands the church of the Assumption Paliopanagia (old Virgin Mary), a small one-room church that dates back to the era of Turkish rule or even earlier at 12th century according to other estimations. At the wonderful yard of the church poses the baptismal font where little Emmelia was baptized without whining or crying as the cool water seems that may have eased the heat of that evening of July. Small children, friends, grandmas and grandpas, watched the holy mystery holding a hand fan, and then were offered delicious-looking cupcakes, pies and other goodies set on wonderfully decorated stands in pink and light green colors.Entering the church to light a candle, I admired the wall paintings, the wonderful representation of Virgin Mary and on a lower level the representation of Taxiarchis. I am very lucky that my job brings me closer to places like this one, where history meets art and faith. 

I wish to little Emmelia happiness and to stay always even tempered and smiling like Ι met her that day and I wish to the parents to enjoy their life together and to guard her like an invaluable treasure.   

The organization, Emmelia’s clothes, the cross, the invitations and the catering were all exquisite and I can say a big “bravo” to all professionals who took care of everything.

Photographer: Manos Skoularikos @manos_skoularikos_photography
Organization & Invitation: Caramelino art @caramelinoart
Baptism clothes: Anellé @sofia_karoumpa
Cross: Serkos @serkosjewelry
Catering: Mr & Mrs Cream