In the Garden of Knights

Vienna, Austria

A “Mediterranean” garden one hour from Vienna, in the region of Lower Austria, encompassed the dreams and many breathtaking moments of the wedding of Barbara and Sascha which took place last summer.

A house formelry owned by a knight of the 13th century and later a smithery, a flour mill, a textile industry and recently a venue for social events, was transformed into a landscape from “Toscany”, exactly as planned by the two main protagonists of our story, who initially had decided to get married in their favorite Italian province. A while ago their plans changed, thus managed to “bring” the atmosphere of Tuscany in their neighborhood.

The weather being their ally, Barbara and Sascha, welcomed their guests in a ceremony and reception organised with love up to the last detail. Flower motifs in the dark red of Burgundy and raspberry purple, golden and bronze hues in the decoration of the tables, a flower arch placed on the ground for the ceremony, souvenir photos of the couple and the long romantic dress made with lace and organza – justifiably much-photographed – were some of this wedding’s characteristics that impressed me.

From the very first until the last moment I was there, I constantly admired the location and had this aristocratic feel exuded by sites and buildings that are reminiscent of the knight’s era. The garden of 1,2 acres planted with hydrangeas, roses and oaks combined with the fully renovated old mill and the factory – with four indoors impressive halls – blends perfectly history and tradition with modern era, through the reuse of the space and respect towards nature. After all this place named “Schmiede am Ravelsbach” – meaning “smithery of Ravelsbach” did not randomly win the first prize as the “Best venue for weddings” at the respective Austrian competition. 

I really felt very lucky to have the chance to enjoy the combination of Austrian methodical planning with spontaneity and people’s smiles when they are having a good time. I wish from the depth of my heart this smile to be eternal.


Thumbnail photo by Lea Fabienne