Less is more

Kimolos Island, CYCLADES

«Welcome to our wedding!»

Makrina’s and Konstantinos’ wedding at gorgeous Kimolos island in the Aegean Sea was an experience that woke up old childhood memories from authentic summertime, derailed my routine in a pleasant way and really moved me with its simplicity. The unique natural landscape of Kimolos - named “Silvery” (Artzentiera) by the Venetians - was enough ornament by itself for their wedding according to their words, thus they were satisfied with the simple things and natural beauties offered by this land: wonderful beaches, whitewashed yards abundant with colorful flowers, narrow labyrinthine alleys in Chorio -  the name of Kimolos’ capital - the historic stone made church of Saint John Chrysostomou plainly decorated for the holy mystery and the wonderful “Stablou’s Yard” for the wedding party.

Dressed in a relatively simple airy wedding gown and with a floral wreath on her head, Makrina lived her most magical and fairytale moment having at her side her father and four small girls as bridesmaids, walking her through the narrow alleys of Chorio to the church where the man of her dreams waited for her. Konstantinos with a casual linen shirt and a magnificent flower bouquet, saw his woman arriving with a big smile on her face, fabulous and glowing, exactly as he had dreamed of her.

Their wedding was a party of joy as exactly they had wished, with their most important people beside them. Happy moments were all present and they were many. I followed the couple at a mini “cruise” with a small boat around Kimolos coastline, enjoying the exotic turquoise waters of this unique volcanic mountainous island that is characterized by a variety of rocks with dominant the white chalk (in Greek “chalk” is “kimolia” thus the name of the island “Kimolos”). I could hardly wait to dive into this earthy paradise and I promised myself to come back and show my honor to this place! The evening found us in one of the many beaches of the island to enjoy ourselves at a beach party that was filled with light coming from dozens of lanterns released at Kimolos’ sky filled with stars.


In this wedding there was no book for wishes but I, alike the other guests, will be tempted to shoot my own photo with their instant camera expressing my thoughts with the following words:

“Stay simple, smiley and in love with each other. Konstantinos and Makrina, here is to a long and happy marriage.”