Spring time LOVE

Arahova, Voiotia

Spring time LOVE | From London to Arahova


From dull Victorian London to the sweet smell of spring time Arahova, there is a great distance. Another world one might say. And it probably is. The leading woman of this day, Georgia, along with Dimosthenis and their little son, Panagiotis, decided to travel from the grey British capital where they reside in, to the bride’s place of origin, to live their own unique story.

It was a wedding with traditional elements and a rustic touch, stylish flower design and dreamy wedding favors, especially made by TS Weddings. We were called to film this event, showcasing all the wonderful details and captivating the beauty of the landscape. In the same adventure, side by side was Chris Gouberis with his wonderful photographic creations.

It was a typical spring time day, at the end of April and on the eve of the holy celebration of Saint George (Aghios Georgios), when we got well dressed, took all the necessary equipment and took the road to Arahova in a very good mood.

Among the firs and the steep slopes, emerged the first houses of this mountainous small town. While the skewers for the forthcoming holy fest of Saint George were already set and the whole village was looking forward to participate to the local dances, the cannon fires, the bell ringing and the racing customs at Karaiskakis battlefield, our couple was preparing for the great moment to come on the same evening.


All three days we spent in and around Arahova were full of beautiful images: a modest ceremony at the local church, unforgettable hospitality from the families of the couple, long rides with an antique red Fiat 500 - the landmark of this wedding- games with a red balloon in the hands of little Panagiotis and many smiles. At dawn on Saint George’s holy day, we took our energy booster breakfast and we took the road with the couple for a funny elopement shooting against the backdrop of a colorful spring time landscape.


In the video we prepared with a very thoughtful music coverage, every click is a magic image, every shot is an intense narration we lived and wanted to share with you. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.


Dimosthenis and Georgia, may you live happily ever after!

Little Panagiotis, until we meet again!