Together Forever

Myconos Island, Cyclades

A dream come true

It is a dream come true. It could not be otherwise. When your mate turns out to be your best friend, an amazing father, the best husband, and also a great cook, then yes, you should celebrate it! 

That is what Larissa had in mind while she addressed her vows to Antonio against the outstanding scenery of Mykonos, the whitewashed orthodox chapels as a backdrop, the windmills-trademark of the island and the characteristic churning sea behind them.

In a simple and emotional private ritual, this beautiful couple, a crazy Italian – according to Larissa’s words – and crazy Larissa herself, exchanged wedding vows with some friends cheering at the back.

I followed them through the narrow pathways in the “island of winds”, Little Venice, up the stairs of this beautiful church by the sea and recorded these great moments of love, happiness and fulfillment.  

I wish them to continue to live their lives as they have done until now. To cherish their love, to adore their children. To always love each other. To always remember this day at Mykonos as much as I will.

Larissa and Antonio, I wish you the best of luck!


Thumbnail photo by Thanos Asfis